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Enable Google Play Billing for Dream Space Android App Template

In some our template we provide billing feature, this billing support subscription only, WEEKLY, MONTHLY, and YEARLY this billing can use for remove limit feature and to remove ads from app After you finished configure android project, and set Billing at AppConfig true release  signin AAB of your app and upload it to the Google Play Console. At least you must upload sign AAB file to google play to use feature billing, you can upload it on any track, in example in Track Internal Testing Once you’ve uploaded the  AAB  , you can use the Google Play Console to start adding in-app products to sell in your app. Under ‘ Monetize > Product >Subscriptions  ’, Create subscription and set product id and product name, this product id will use in android, in example we use product id : " subscription_product_id" Add Base Plan Add Base Plan here, fill plan id, and renewal type You can weekly, monthly, and yearly , or you can add monthly only, or you can add yearly or monthly onl

Change Android Project Logo

The first step before changing the logo, it is highly recommended to delete the mipmap folder first Then, after you delete the mipmap folder, the next steps are as follows: Open Android Studio → File → New → Image Asset You can choose 2 types of your icon type, that is Launcher Icon (Adaptive and Legacy) or (Legacy Only) Recommended to use Launcher Icon (Adaptive and Legacy) Browse and choose your image file icon (.png) format with square dimension and start customize your icon Make sure the resource name is " ic_launcher" → Next Make sure the selected Res Directory is " Main " → Finish Important Note : To prevent errors when changing the application logo, make sure you have deleted the mipmap folder first, if not, you need to repeate this steps to change the app logo at least 2 times, because in some cases, when you change the app logo without deleting the mipmpa folder, there may be a problem and the logo is not saved in the mipmap folder, most likely this is a

Android Application ID

applicationId (Required) applicationId is the main unique identifier of your application. The applicationId is not related to the package name, application Id can different or same with package name. In an Android project, the applicationId refers to a unique identifier for your Android application package. This identifier is used to distinguish your app from others and is essential for various purposes, including app installation, updating, and compatibility checks. Generally using 3 word arrangements (can be more than 3 or less than 3), for example:, or app.dreamspace.markeet Open Gradle Scripts > build.gradle (Module: app) Change the application ID with your own id name Click Sync Now . Change the id as unique as possible, because application id is very important used if you want to publish the application to the google play. Important : your applicationId must be the same as the Android package name you created in the firebase console when you created google-ser

Android Project Firebase Integration

Visit Please register or log in first and then select create new project. In the dialog window enter the name of the project that will be created and the contents of the state and then click the create project to continue. After successfully creating a project on Firebase then the page will be redirected to the dashboard project that has been made. Then on the dashboard Firebase select Add Firebase to your Android app. In the next dialog window enter the name of the Android application package and SHA1 of fingerprints Certificate (optional). Then on the dashboard Firebase select Add Firebase to your Android app. In the next dialog window enter the name of the Android application package and SHA1 of fingerprints Certificate (optional). Next will download the configuration file json google-services.json automatically, which will be added in the directory app in the Android project. You can skip section Add Firebase SDK Copy the google-services.json fi

MaterialX interview App of The Day by

Did you have any prior development or coding experience? Yes, I have a background in computer science and I have previous programming experience in companies, freelance, and personal projects. What was the most challenging aspect of developing mobile app? The most challenging aspect is finding ideas and creating various UI designs that developers need to meet their references in building.... Read More

Generate API Key for Chat GPT

1. Go to  , Log In or Sign Up you can choose using google account or microsoft account 2. Click on button Create new secret key , this action will show popup dialog you can copy the secret key/api key, please make sure you copy and paste in safe place, because you won't be able to view it again If after login or register you cannot view page above, go to profile menu > View API Keys