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Enable Google Play Billing for Dream Space Android App Template

In some our template we provide billing feature, this billing support subscription only,

this billing can use for remove limit feature and to remove ads from app

After you finished configure android project, and set Billing at AppConfig true release  signin AAB of your app and upload it to the Google Play Console.

At least you must upload sign AAB file to google play to use feature billing, you can upload it on any track, in example in Track Internal Testing

Once you’ve uploaded the AAB , you can use the Google Play Console to start adding in-app products to sell in your app.
Under ‘Monetize > Product >Subscriptions

Create subscription and set product id and product name, this product id will use in android, in example we use product id : "subscription_product_id"

Add Base Plan

Add Base Plan here, fill plan id, and renewal type
You can weekly, monthly, and yearly, or you can add monthly only, or you can add yearly or monthly only

Scroll and set price for region

Set Price based on your currency

Set Price > SAVE and ACTIVATE

Repeat it for MONTHLY, YEARLY

in android, set billing_enable true and billing_product_id