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Minimize Android Studio Memory Usage

Hi, here I will show you how to minimize android studio memory usage. For some developer with low performance computer, using android studio will take so much memory and this felt disturbing for work.

There some way and trick to minimize usage android studio memory.

FIRST, disable some feature integration :
You can disable VCS by going to File->Settings->Plugins and disable the following:

  1. CVS Integration
  2. Git Integration
  3. GitHub
  4. Google Cloud Testing
  5. Google Cloud Tools Core
  6. Google Cloud Tools for Android Studio
  7. hg4idea
  8. Subversion Integration

SECOND, Increase JVM memory size :

Open file located at ../AndroidStudio/bin/studio.exe.vmoptions or studio64.exe.vmoptions files (depending on which version you are running).  Change the content to :


THIRD, Restart android studio periodically:

As my experience when your computer getting slow, restart your android studio may can release some memory usage. Because android studio act like version control, its always save all history file from start open Android studio instead of you closed file from the editor.  So restart android studio can clear all history edited file.


Thank You 🙂

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