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Obtain API KEY for FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging)

1. go to :  and login to your google account.

Easy Way to Get Google Map API KEY for Android - New Augustus 2016

1. Go to :

Prepare Google Analytics for Android

In this article I will show you what you need to prepare to implement Google analytics to your android App.

Configure GCM for project The City

1. PREPARE API_KEY I assume that you already create new project on  , If not you can read THIS  and please check your enabled API :

Change Package Name Android Studio

The package name of an Android app uniquely identifies your app on the device Play Store. Step 1 - Application ID Open  Gradle Scripts → app/build.gradle Change the application ID with your own id name Standard naming procedure : Click  Sync Now . Change the id as unique as possible, because application id is very important used if you want to publish the application to the google play. Important : your  applicationId  must will use to generate google-services.json on firebase console configuration Step 2 - Package Name (Optional) This step is optional, because unique id for app identifier already configure at Step 1 above, you can go without change package folder name, but if you want to change id here the step Click once on your package and then click setting icon on Android Studio. Close / Unselect  Compact Empty Middle Packages Right click your package and rename it. If you use oneSignal edit manifest File  AndroidManifest.xml OneSignal for sending push notific

How to get API Key for GCM (Google Cloud Messaging)

Step 1. Create A Firebase Project Push Notifications require a Firebase Project. If you don't have one setup yet, click  Add project  and follow the directions to setup your project. If you already have an FCM project, skip to Step 2. Step 2. Getting Your Firebase Cloud Messaging Token And Sender ID Click the  gear icon  in the top left and select  Project settings . Select the  Cloud Messaging  tab. Under "Cloud Messaging API (Legacy)" click on the options (three dots on the right) and click "Manage API in Google Cloud Console". OneSignal will soon add support for the latest Firebase Cloud Messaging API (V1), but for now, the Cloud Messaging API works perfectly. This will open a new page, under Cloud Messaging press "Enable". Refresh the page on your Firebase Console and copy your  Server key  and  Sender ID . Server Key is API KEY for send Notification or FCM